What does your warranty cover?

The warranty protects the original purchaser against defects in all furniture components. If a component is proven defective within the term of the warranty, we will furnish a replacement component at no cost. No assembly or labor included. Proof of Purchase may be required. Please see warranty included in your manual for further details.

Where can I get a copy of the instruction manual?

Please fill out the parts request form under the customer service tab on this web site.  Make sure you list the model number of your unit and type manual in the part field or call 855.837.2569.

What is your product made of?

An environmentally friendly material called “engineered wood.” It’s a combination of high-quality hard wood and soft wood residuals of other lumber processes. These components are bonded together with a synthetic resin and then applied to high heat and pressure. The result is a dense, strong panel that is laminated and cut into pieces.

How do I remove the part labels?

Gently rub a soft cloth moistened with a mild household cleanser (Windex or Pledge) over the part label. Then lift a corner of the label and pull firmly but smoothly until the label comes off.

How do I care for my unit?

Dust as needed with a clean, lint-free absorbent cloth. Spray furniture polish may be used when cleaning. Scratches and nicks can be touched up with a furniture touch-up stick, shoe polish or a crayon.

Is my unit waterproof?

If something is spilled on your product and cleaned relatively fast, no damage will be done. But if the liquid has time to absorb, damage will occur (just like solid wood).

How long does it take to assembly?

Experience and capability can cause assembly times to vary considerably. Some models can be assembled in an hour or two, while others may take several hours. Don’t get us wrong — the assembly process is relatively simple but can be time–consuming. The more experience you have with our furniture, the faster the job will go.

Can I modify my unit?

No! For overall safety and stability, you must use all the parts and hardware listed in your manual. Any modifications to your unit (including casters) or stacking units that are not meant to be stacked are unsafe will void your warranty. If you are missing a part please fill out the parts request form under the customer service tab on this web site or call 855.837.2569, we will ship it free of charge. Please make sure you have your instruction manual when ordering your part. Proof of Purchase may be required.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is one of the hardest types of glasses, several times harder than most others. Unlike annealed glass, tempered glass breaks into small, square pieces when broken which makes it less likely to lacerate a person that comes into contact with it. This is by design and is excellent proof of a well-tempered product, not of a defective product.

Do you have any tips on Assembly Tips?

  1. Assembly should be done in a dry location on a flat, level surface.
  2. Note the arrow direction on each panel when assembling the case.
  3. IDENTIFY THE PIECES AND HARDWARE. First, lay all the parts and hardware out on the floor surface as you see them in the Parts List. This will help you locate the right item when you need it.
  4. Read the instructions carefully. We suggest starting with the subassembly of the parts before beginning the main assembly.
  5. If you have any questions about your new furniture, just call 855.837.2569 between 8:00am - 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday (Eastern Time). Holiday weekends will not be staffed. Please make sure you have your instruction manual when you call.  If you need a replacement part please fill out the form listed under the customer service tab of the website.